why you’re not winning

Have you ever noticed just how much things you get to achieve when you’re under pressure?

For instance when you owe someone money and your time is due. Regardless of whether you have money or not you somehow find a way of paying off that credit & looking back in hindsight you go like, “wow!” how did I do that. Relate? Follow me

I used to wonder like what really happens during times of pressure that makes us achieve things that are way beyond us until I realized something which immediately changed my perspective.

You see, the human brain isn’t used to pressure & the like, it’s not used to being challenged. It always translates pressure as a bad thing. It plays tricks on us by making us think like we’ll die, that is why it’s easy for human beings to get comfortable in any given situation.

Another example: Imagine you’re supposed to sit for a school exam in a few days but you have arrears & don’t have the money to settle them. Believe you me it’s funny how you’ll quickly find a solution.

Now there are a few things that happen subconsciously before you get to the solution part:

  • Because you’ve refused to accept the status quo of things (like missing the exam) your brain is then challenged to do something
  • It goes into search mode, where it begins to look for solutions to the problem (missing an exam). Before you know it your brain would have found a solution.

There’s something unique & intriguing that happens when you challenge your brain to something. It immediately starts to look for answers. The brain does not limit us, we limit it.

The brain is like a memory chip filled with lots of memories, experiences & happenings. We may not be the ones that allowed certain things to permeate our minds but we have 100% control over everything that comes out of us.

If there’s anything I’d like for you to get from this blog it’s this, develop a habit of always challenging yourself to doing things out of your reach. By virtual of doing that you’ll be stretching your thinking capabilities. Your mind won’t be limited anymore it will start to search for answers and you’ll be amazed at what things you’re able to achieve as an individual.

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what makes a GREAT blog

Have you ever come across a blog that made you so happy you couldn’t hold it? Your heart was beating so fast you were so excited that you felt like screaming. You actually did!

What made you do that? It’s obviously because you came across some content that changed your life, right? It either changed your mood from sad to happy or you learnt something new about yourself.

That’s what this blog is about, I want to share notes on what I think a great blog is.

Disclaimer: I’m speaking from my own personal experience.

First of all let’s begin by defining what isn’t a great blog

    A great blog isn’t one with good punctuation or with the best English on the planet
    A great blog isn’t one that uses cumbersome words
    A great blog isn’t one with the “coolest” story
    A great blog isn’t one with lots of words
    A great blog isn’t one that’s self praising

Having defined what isn’t a great blog let’s define what a great blog looks like.

    A great blog is one that adds value to one’s life. Yes, that’s it. We’re done. If there’s anything I’d you like for you to take away from this blog it’s this particular point.
    What is value? The importance, worth or usefulness of something. Value comes in different forms. The next point is about to blow your mind.
    How does real value look like? Real value tends to solve internal problems as opposed to external problems. What are those internal problems? Doubt, insecurity, fear, low self esteem. That’s where the secret lies.
    Readers are looking for solutions to their internal problems. They care less about how shiny your new Porsche looks on your blog.
    A blog whose focus is to provide solutions to people’s internal problems automatically wins. Everything else is secondary.

Keep it simple

  • Readers often like to read when they’re relaxed (in their own comfort) at home or on a train/ bus as they’re going for work or school and the least thing you want to do is put a load on their shoulders by using cumbersome words (a lot) in your blogs which require them to pull out a dictionary every now and then. That’s excess baggage & the last time I checked no one is interested in doing that. It eats up their time!

Keep it short & succinct.

Your blog needs to be brief and straight to the point not running in circles as that tends to bore the reader.

Remember that readers sacrifice their time (asset) by choosing to read your blog. So it better be worthy their time & attention or it’s useless.

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5 ways to get rid of a bad habit(s)

Bad habits can be harmful & irritating. They tend to steal from our valuable time

Bad habits can range from social media usage, eating, watching TV & the like & many have actually been convinced that you can’t get rid of them & they’ve accepted it like that.

But the truth is you can actually get rid of a bad habit & that’s the whole purpose of this blog, to help you get rid of a particular habit entirely.

Let’s get right into it


Yep! That’s point number one.

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer, it has such ridiculous results. Ask God to help you even as you embark on a new journey, He’ll give you the grace to overcome whatever obstacle you find and he’ll definitely give you the strength you need.

find a substitute

What is that one good habit you’d love to adopt? Is it reading books or going for walks? Deploy it!


At this point I’m thinking you’ve already picked your new habit right?

I hate to say this but the first few days are gonna be hard that you’ll feel like quitting & getting back to your old habits but you gotta stay consistent.


You’ll have to be firm. Remember you’re the boss, you get to call the shots. Stay the course & show up everyday. Eventually you’ll adapt to your newly found habit.

push yourself

There will be times when you’ll be dragging yourself. During those times remind yourself about how far you’ve come, how much you hate your old habits and wouldn’t want to go back then look towards the bigger picture (what you’re trying to achieve). Watch the magic unravel.


Repeat the above steps until your new habit becomes part of you.


How did you overcome your last habit?

Let me know how it’s going for you in the comment section. Remember to share this blog with a friend who may need it.


you become what you confess

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Proverbs 18:21

Words have destroyed nations

Words have destroyed marriages

Words have destroyed relationships

Words have ruined & destroyed lives

Words have ruined opportunities

Words have the power to damage & kill

Words are like seeds therefore, every word you produce is given life & the more you say something the more power you’re giving it. Eventually it manifests.

On the contrary…

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

Develop a habit of always speaking good things about yourself, your future, family & friends.

Use your tongue wisely and always speak positive things. Even when you’re going through rough times, learn to be optimistic and only speak positive things.


What are have you been saying about yourself?

What type of seed have you been planting?

5 ways to live a happy life

Life is simple yet we make it difficult because of the following things:

impressing people

I once heard a saying which goes something like “if you live for people’s acceptance you’ll die from their rejection.” Lecrae

The people who aren’t really happy in life are those who do things in order to impress others. They buy things not because they like or need those things but because they want to prove a certain point to their colleagues, friends or family.

When you look at half the things you’ve acquired you’ll realize you don’t even need those things but because you wanted some sort of validation you ended up getting those things.

Wanna be happy? Stop impressing people.

not living within your means

Living within your means means living within what you can afford and not the other way round.

If you cannot afford buying or renting your dream house why should you get a loan just so you can get occupy it?🤔

Life is easy when you choose to live within your means but the moment you neglect that, a life of misery begins to follow you.

comparing yourself with others

People like to live as though they’re in a competition with others when actually it’s not supposed to be like that. I mean why should you even compete with others when life isn’t a race.

I like what the book of Ecclesiastes 9:11 says

I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all

Do you know what makes you special? Because you’re different and there can never be another version of you. Stop comparing yourself with others. You don’t know what they did in order to be at the place they’re.

Respect your hustle, keep going and be content with that you have. Time and chance happens to us all.

faking it

Stop keeping things to heart. Whenever you’re not happy about something find a way of saying it. Bottling things up won’t do you any good, it eats you up.

Learn to keep it a 100% always.


How long have you been saying you’ll do ABCD? Year in year out you’ve been singing the same song & every-time you try to do it something else comes up and all you can think of at that moment is “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Well let’s see if that tomorrow will ever come.

Spare some time to do it & make sure to be so disciplined that you’ll stay the course once you begin.

I’m happy..are you happy? Drop me a comment let’s discuss.

life is a game of choices

I feel like humans are quick to blame others, blaming others for their own failures.

I’ve found “the blaming game” to be one of the easiest things to do in this life.

The villains

Take a look at the bad guys AKA the villains in movies. They obviously had a very rough upbringing. Some were homeless, no father figure, bullied in school or abused by an uncle or an aunt.

Once they grow up they tend to follow through the same cycle. When asked how they ended up in that tunnel they’ll refer you to a point in time when they experienced trauma (Blaming point) which influenced who they’re today.

My question is how about those who experienced the same trauma but actually came out 10 times better than they were? How special are they?

The power of CHOICE

It all comes down to one thing, choices.

You see, if there’s one thing that human beings have that no individual can get away from us it’s the power to make choices.

There comes a time in life when you get to choose what you want as you. A time when it’s you to call the shots & dictate how you want your life to be.

What do you do when that time comes? Do you choose to continue the sequel or you choose to draw a line & start a new story?

You may have had the most traumatic experiences growing up like friends who made fun of how you look, a guy who broke your heart, an uncle who abused you or a father who abandoned you. I sympathize with you but it’s time to carry all your broken pieces and begin to make build something good.

I heard someone say “I grew up in a home where my dad used to beat up mum like crazy but experiencing that took me to a place where I made a decision to never lay my hands on my future wife.” The power of decision making

The difference between the villains and the good guys lies in the choices they make. Remember we all have the same privileges (power to choose) but how we use them is what really matters.

I mean we’ve all had our fair share of rough times in different capacities depending on where you come from. But we all made a sane decision to be different and better people in society & here we’re.

Try channeling all the bad energies into something good and watch the magic unfold.

I’ll end this blog with one of my favorite sayings which goes something like “when life throws you a bunch of lemons make a glass of lemonade.”

Let me know how you turned your mourning into laughter in the comment section.

2 life’s most important decisions

Growing up I was told that there are two MOST important decisions one gets to make in life:

1) Accepting Jesus as your Lord & Savior &

2) Who to marry

Today I want to zero in on the first one because I feel that it’s very critical.

I know that many try to avoid & ignore this decision because we tend to think like we’ve got it all figured out & yet we know deep down our hearts that there’s this void (incompleteness) that needs to be filled.

Man in his own pursuits has tried to fill that void with so many things like women, sex, money, drugs, addictions, clothes and cars but to no avail. What’s worse is that the more we chase after those things the more empty & hungrier we become. (Cycle)

Unless we choose to partner with our creator, walking the journey of life alone will never make any sense. Jesus is the only one that can fill that void & truly satisfy us. (Read Jeremiah 31:25, Psalm 107:9, John 4:14)

The good thing about making this decision to follow Jesus Christ is that you’re granted eternal inheritance into heaven once you die. (Read John 14:2-3, 14:6)

Jesus is reaching out to us today, he wants us to be part of his family. (Read Revelation 3:30, Romans 10:9, Luke 15:10)

Choosing to ignore that decision can mean two things: life will never make any sense & the gates of hell await you. (Read Rev 20:15, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

Have you already made that decision to follow Jesus Christ? If not, what are you waiting for?

our time is so limited (R.I.P Kobe Bryant)

When I heard the tragic news about the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the others I was so broken.

I tried to put pieces together as to how the crashing happened.

I mean he (Kobe) was just 41 years and the daughter (Gigi) was just 13 when their fate came.

It doesn’t make sense but that’s how absurd life is.

In that moment I remembered how limited our time on earth is.

Below are some thoughts to challenge your perspective

Life is too short to waste it. Make every bit of it count

Stop procrastinating. Start doing. You do not know what tomorrow holds.

Make peace with your family, friends or anyone who wronged you.

Don’t keep grudges, it’s not good for you.

Stay away from bad energy.

Stop holding on to people who do not care about you. Learn to move on

Be kind, everyone is going through something.

Don’t waste time doing the things you hate.

dare to be different

We live in a society that discourages being different.

People who identify as different are usually treated as outcasts because there seems to be a disconnect between them & society.

Something people don’t realize about those who’re different is that they don’t choose to be different but they’re born that way.

We’re great & unique like that.

Every great person today, started out just like YOU & I (different) and I can bet to you that they were once a laughing stock to society.

Imagine the kind of backlash the Wright brothers received for their “crazy” airplane idea (during their first days)

There will be times when you develop a great idea (crazy to the average mind) and the first thought that emerges is, “what if so & so makes fun & laughs at me?”

Go ahead and execute it, that thought is just but a sign or an indication that you should go ahead.

Just do it like Nike’s mantra.

Society discourages innovation, it has developed this pattern where it expects everyone to follow the same old thing and by the end of the day they’d have achieved “ordinary things.”

What do ordinary things look like?

Going to school for 17 years, getting a formal (white collar job), retiring at 55 years & buying that ordinary house. Then depending on how much is left, get yourself a car or pay up what you owe the bank & that’s it.

What a boring life if you asked me.

The good news is you can change that by rewriting the narrative and start living an extraordinary life.

Start by embracing who you’re (different)

I can only imagine the kind of backlash the 8 year old kid received from his schoolmates or friends when he was just starting out with his YouTube videos (reviewing toys)

The kid made $22 million in just a year. I mean they all thought he was a joke but look who’s wining now.

When you begin to embrace the fact that you’re different you automatically begin to be happy.

I remember being told that when you get married you’ve got to change your dress code. “Stop wearing skinny jeans and start wearing normal trousers.”

I thought to myself why should I do things that don’t make me any happy all in the name of impressing others. I knew that wasn’t who I was, & choosing to do that was more like faking it.

I challenge you to get out of that bubble and dare to be different. Being different isn’t a crime.

Q: What keeps you from being different?

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